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Stepped Performance 3/4 Wrap Heat Shields Interchangeable Baffles Big 4" Muffler Body Hardware and Tip Included
3 Stepped 2:1 Full System '86 - '17
( Does Not Fit '10 - '12 Softail Convertible
13' - '17 Breakout or CVO Breakout )
Baffles Available 2.25", 2.50", 3.00"

3 Stepped 2:1 Full Systems come standard with
Chrome: 4022-R1R or Black: 4022B-R1R tip.
Different tips can be purchased separately.

(represented with no heat shields to show the steps in the bends)

Chrome 2:1

8020S / MSRP $1099.95
Black 2:1

8120S / MSRP $1099.95

This Ceramic Coated Inside/Out Performance 3 Step 2:1 Header System goes from 1.75" at the jug to 1.875" to 2.00" to a 2.50" collector for scavenging to the baffle diameter of choice. The Softail Wrath will outperform and is guaranteed to make more power and torque than any other non-ceramic coated conventional 2:1. This Performance 2:1 will satisfy any performance guru's need for speed!

To maximize performance tuning modifications may be required
Blueing and/or discoloration is not covered under warranty, it is a result of improper tuning, cam timing, engine timing, jetting, overheating etc. It is not caused by defective manufacturing. The mufflers and components offered may not meet EPA and/or CARB emmissions and noise guidelines and may be restricted to off-road use only. The name Harley-Davidson ® are trademarks of Harley-Davidson ® and is utilized for reference purpose only, and in no way are they intended to imply any association with Harley-Davidson ®.