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High OutPut Performance Pipes, RUSH'S Premium Line of Touring Headers!

“The HO, or High Output, is considered a crossover style dual. There is an open torque chamber connecting the top and bottom pipe that aides in better exhaust scavenging between the front and rear cylinders which increases both horsepower and torque by 5 each over a standard 2:2 true dual. We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects. The HO is fully ceramic coated on both the inside and outside of the pipe. HO comes with its own set of Ύ wrap heat shields in choice of chrome or ceramic black finish. All necessary brackets and hardware is included. The system also features a true 1.75” diameter, full flow crossover pipe to the left side. We recommend using our 4” Big Louie slip on muffler in a 2.25” baffle with the HO system. In our opinion, we feel the 2.25 is a good balance of back pressure because it’s open enough to provide a nice deep throaty sound but restricted to maintain performance and not be overly aggressive. If you find the 2.25 to be either too aggressive, or not aggressive enough, we offer a 2” (quieter) or 2.50” (louder) replacement baffle option. 2.25” or 2.50” may be pre-installed inside Big Louie at the time of order.”

Use the Big Louie to complete the RUSH Performance Experience!

'09 - '16 Harley Touring and *Harley Trikes
7017HO - Chrome 12mm, 18mm 02 Bung/
MSRP - $609.95
Installation Instructions / 7017 - 7117 (PDF)

'09 - '16 Harley Touring and *Harley Trikes
7117HO - Black 12mm, 18mm 02 Bung /
MSRP - $629.95
Installation Instructions / 7017 - 7117 (PDF)
*In order to install this system on a trike, you will need to purchase: TRKIT / MSRP - $99.95

Models with the H-D Billet Style Rear Brake Lever might require a different front heatshield to accommodate the thicker lever, part #7017HOHSBSE or 7117HOHSBSE. 2014 and later CVO/Screamin Eagle models have this as a stock part and will need the upgraded heatshield.

To maximize performance tuning modifications may be required
Blueing and/or discoloration is not covered under warranty, it is a result of improper tuning, cam timing, engine timing, jetting, overheating etc. It is not caused by defective manufacturing. The mufflers and components offered may not meet EPA and/or CARB emmissions and noise guidelines and may be restricted to off-road use only. The name Harley-Davidson ® are trademarks of Harley-Davidson ® and is utilized for reference purpose only, and in no way are they intended to imply any association with Harley-Davidson ®.